We are vehicle for collaborative and educational efforts leading to innovation in defense and security 

What we do:

We bring together industry, academia, national and international organizations mainly from the defense and security domains so that they can learn from each other and ultimately innovate.  

We do that by:

  • Organizing and facilitating multidisciplinary and multinational forums
  • Helping to establish and solidify relationships leading to innovation
  • Helping defense and security organizations fine tune their requirements and finding reliable partners with reliable solutions
  • Assisting academia to understand the needs and requirements of the defense and security sectors
  • Sourcing local know how to partners with existing requirements or projects to accelerate innovative solutions
  • Providing multidisciplinary and innovative educational programs for all stakeholders
  • Assisting clients and partners with Technology Transfer

































 If you are academia, industry or government organization interested in innovation, we would like to hear from you, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.