NATO Launches an Innovation Challenge to Inventors and Entrepreneurs

The NATO Innovation Challenge, co-organised by the Defence and Security Innovation Hub and the NATO Innovation Hub under the auspices of Major General Jaromír Zůna and the rector of the Czech Technical University in Prague, Vojtěch Petráček, addresses the dangers presented by electromagnetic pulse to our societies and militaries. The competition aims to tap into the minds of innovative people and teams to find new, creative and efficient ways for NATO to respond to security challenges and potential crises.

The latest challenge is searching for solutions to prevent electromagnetic pulse damage, mitigate the effects on critical infrastructure and capabilities, and ensure rapid recovery and damage control. Any entrepreneurs, designers, marketers, thinkers, engineers, coders and inventors from the general public can take part. The winner will get stage-time at NATO events and access to contract opportunities. Registration is open until the 24th of April, and the award ceremony will take place on the 30th of May in Brno, Czech Republic.

An electromagnetic pulse – generated by a large solar flare or a weapon – could endanger and even cripple any systems reliant on electricity, from smartphones and ATMs to nuclear power facilities, hospitals and military command and control systems. Its enormous security repercussions are the main reason it was selected as the topic for this year’s NATO Innovation Challenge. The challenge is co-organised by the NATO Innovation Hub and the Defence and Security Innovation Hub. The NATO Innovation Hub, based in Allied Command Transformation in Norfolk, Virginia, runs two NATO Innovation Challenges every year. The previous competition took place in late 2018 with a topic based around the development of autonomous drones. Around 30 competitors participated and 10 finalists pitched their solutions to a jury of military experts and academics. The winning teams were the Belgian startup ALX Systems and Dutch high-tech company Delft Dynamics.










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NATO launches innovation challenge to inventors and entrepreneurs:

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