On 8 December 2022, a workshop 3D Printing – Revolutionizing Military Operations will be held at the University of Defence in Brno.

The aim of this workshop is to discuss how industry and academia can assist the Czech Armed Forces with introduction and operationalization of 3D printing.

Additive manufacturing (AM), commonly known as 3D printing, has proven its versatility, speed and usefulness during the most recent COVID-19 pandemic. Face mask or missing spare parts were supplied by professional but also hobby 3D printers. This was however not for the first time when 3D Printing has proven to be an innovative and revolutionary piece of technology with significant applications (not only) for the military. NATO and NATO nations have been discussing and dealing with 3D printing for some time, each nation at its own speed. In fact, 3D Natives expects the military 3D printing sector alone to be worth $1.7 billion by 2027. In June 2022 NATO Allied Command Transformation issued a call for the development of an additive manufacturing digital repository concept and framework. And while the United States military has projects covering construction of the largest 3D printer to building 3D printed military barracks, additive manufacturing for the Czech Armed Forces is rather in a nascent stage.

In line with our mission, DefSec is bringing experts, manufactures and users together to change the status quo and make 3D printing an integral part of any and all military operations of the Czech

Armed Forces.

This workshop is organized by DefSec Innovation Hub for the General Staff and the Czech Armed Forces.



On 31 August 2022, a workshop on Disruptive Technology (EDT) and Defense: Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be held at the CTU Rectorate. This workshop is organized by the DefSec Innovation Hub for the General Staff of the Czech Armed Forces, with the support of the Industrial Cooperation Section of the Ministry of Defense and hosted by the Czech Technical University.

 The current critical security situation and the exponential development and advent of modern disruptive technologies have shown that many NATO armies do not have effective mechanisms for communicating with industry and academia. The Army of the Czech Republic approached this challenge by organizing a series of workshops focused on artificial intelligence and its application in state defense.

 The August workshop brings industry and academia from across the transatlantic world to the table to show "what already exists" and find ways to stay ahead of the enemy. The seminar is not public and participation is by invitation only. Representatives of the private sector and academic workplaces will have the opportunity to address the top management of the Czech Armed Forces, the director of the MoD sections, the commanders of the operational headquarters and the chiefs of individual types of troops during this seminar. They will be able to share their experiences with them and present specific solutions. The possibilities of your participation are outlined below. Due to limited capacity, registration is possible until 30.6. If you are interested, please register and ask questions at kristina.soukupova@dsih.org. 



If you have something to say about this topic, don’t hesitate and join us! The objective of the ideathon is to open a society-wide debate on cognitive warfare. We want you to be a part of the debate.

The event offers a unique opportunity to contribute to the beginnings of shaping the topic. Thanks to direct collaboration with the NATO Innovation Hub, your fresh thoughts will be used as inputs when creating strategic documents that will serve for determining the future direction of the alliance. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to communicate your work to all thirty NATO member countries.


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